The Little African Rock Garden of Monaco is nestled near to the Larvotto Beach on the Avenue Princess Grace and the Grimaldi Forum Congress Centre, right next to the hustle and bustle of the lively streets, a stark place of serenity.

When Was the Garden Built

This rock garden is 0.7 hectares in size, and it features a carefully crafted mountain with a sloping hill, a waterfall, a brook, a beach, as well as a Zen garden for meditation purposes. It is one of five relatively new public gardens in Monaco and was first opened in 1994 at the special request of Prince Rainier III. The garden has proven to be very popular ever since its grand opening.

Creator of the Garden

What makes this rock garden distinct is the fact that it is one of very few in western towns. A special architect, the renowned Yasuo Beppu, winner of the 1990 title of the Flower Exhibition of Osaka, was brought in to design it as a representation of the Shintoist philosophy. Beppu planned and built the garden according to traditional guidelines. To further the tradition, a Shintoist high priest was brought in before construction could begin to bless the ground on which it’s built. Blessing the ground that the garden was built on provided a very good reason for people of all kinds to go there for meditation and reflection.

Similar in its aesthetic features to the rock garden in Darjeeling, this rock garden in Monaco features many waterfalls and a myriad of idyllic ponds with a beautiful backdrop, along with picture-perfect bridges going across them.

Peace and Bliss

The garden’s entrance is free and provides a wonderful invitation for some quiet rest time from the commotion of the busy streets that surround it on the outside. In the very midst of the garden, a true example of a Japanese teahouse can be found, wonderfully completing the serene, glistening bodies of water that surround it.

A Backdrop to a Familiar Site

The rock garden of Monaco is situated behind the prestigious premises of the Casino of Monte Carlo. The legendary and renowned casino is one offering its esteemed clientele a variety of games and slots. The casino boasts a rich history and timeless décor with a great range of play options.

So, if wandering in the area of the casino of the Principality of Monaco, the beautiful Little African rock garden surrounding it will surely give you a much-needed moment of rest and an overall feeling of everlasting serenity.