The rock garden in Darjeeling – also known as the Barbotey Rock Garden – is situated in a valley around 10 kilometres away from the town of Darjeeling in West Bengal, India. About 3 kilometres further down from the rock garden is the beautiful Ganga Maya Park of Darjeeling.

Getting to the Garden

This rock garden is not a conventional one, with the waterfall and its man-made lake as the main attraction, as well as its various viewpoints for appreciation. The site draws many a large number of tourists from India and the rest of the world and is adequately equipped with its many little tea shops and kiosks surrounding it.

The setting serves as a picnic spot with its lush, breath-taking and captivating scenery. Arrangement for transport is a must as the area is not easily accessible without some form of guidance, mainly for safety reasons more than anything.

The Scenery is to Die For

Once at the scene of the rock garden, you will notice just why it is that this place is called what it is. The rock garden is a real treat for the senses, a phenomenon that washes over you as soon as you set foot downward sloping hill. The scene is truly idyllic and photo worthy, and the entire site is populated with carefully cut rocks of different sizes and levels, into a spectacular terraced arrangement.

The garden has a captivating grand waterfall descending the terrace from the very peak of the rocky tops into the valley down below it. Surrounding the entirety of the rock garden are stairs, ramps, and idyllic bridges crossing from rock to rock, aiding the view of the garden from all angles.

Although climbing the stairs may pose a workout, it surely proves worthwhile to get to witness such marvellous scenery. The garden is entirely studded with a vast array of flower beds, trees, and shrubs at every level with nicely complementing sitting spots adequate for relaxation, meditation, and appreciation of the views that surround you.

Be Inspired By the Greats

If you have in mind to create your own rock garden, even if of a much smaller degree than this grandiose one, the committee creator of this rock garden in Darjeeling, the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (now known as GTA), will certainly fuel your desire further. Taking photographs of the spot is not forbidden, so be sure to take plenty of photos so as to keep the memory of this timeless place forever fresh through the eternal beauty true of this rock garden.