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The Rock, garden, caves, nursery and tea rooms

Welcome to the website of the Rock Gardens, set in the picturesque setting of the old Palace Quarry. There are about 8 acres of wild gardens, ponds, a rock walk with lovely views from the top, a small, but attractive illuminated cave with interesting formations and a traditional nursery all for you to discover.

Features in and around the garden include:

· Waterfall and caves
· Spectacular maidenhair tree (Ginko Biloba)
· Parkland landscaped by Capability Brown
· Views over Dartmoor
· Proximity to Ugbrooke House
· Tea room and curio and antique shop
· Tree Ferns
· Fine Garden Walk
· Pond and grotto containing fine specimens of Koi and Carp

The Rock Garden is a unique hidden garden, sympathetically landscaped to maintain its wild nature and peaceful atmosphere. Set in extensive limestone quarries, very near to Ugbrooke House, the gardens have planted dells and an illuminated cave, all nestling at the base of the impressive outcrop of Chudleigh Rock. The whole area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest protected for the abundance of wildlife, scenic value, rare plants and insects and its illusive waterfall and caves.

The Waterfall
The Ginko
View Towards Dartmoor

Formation Lit Cave
The Grotto

Your garden walk, which starts at the tea shop, takes you past the cyclamen, Ginko Biloba, the rock garden with its water splashing from pool to pool, to the pond with its fine Koi Orfe and Mirror Carp, the Grotto with its fossilized sponge in the rock above, and the start of the rock walk and view of Dartmoor.

The Pond
The Fossil Sponge
From Top Rock Walk

Returning to the pond, taking the steps to the left of the grotto will lead you into the garden with all its delights for you to discover. Having explored the gardens and illuminated cave a further walk up steps and over the grassy plateaux will take you via a gateway into the Clifford Estate. Here by courtesy of Lord Clifford you will be able to walk to the top of the Rock, visit Cow Cave (you will need a torch for seeing in the cave) and then returning to the gateway descend a path to the glen waterfall. Immediately before Cow Cave, you will pass Pixie Cave which is gated to protect the colony of Greater Horseshoe bats which live there.

Cow Cave
Pixie Cave
The Glen Waterfall

The teashop is now closed until spring 2012. If anyone wishes to view the antiques we have a key and will be able to let you view them. Alternatively you may contact Mr Hough on 01626 853502.

The Cyclamen
The Rockery and Rock
View From Top of Rock

We would like to take this opportunity to inform the public that despite web sites still showing the Rock Activity Centre as active at the Rock these sites are incorrect. The activity and tree top adventure site no longer operates at this property and has not done so for two years.

We now have in a selection of plants for the Christmas Trade. These include Poinsettia, large and mini cyclamen, Christmas cacti, ivies and various green plants. We have our usual range of trees, shrubs and fruit trees and for the spring violas and primroses, those that are at present in flower may be purchased from the shop. We have a range of Christmas trees from £10 each.

The nursery will be closed during January 2012 to allow improvements to be carried out and will open on a limited basis during February.should you wish to make any purchases during the closed period and visit the Nursery, if Bruce or John are working close to the nursery, ringing the bell outside the shop should enable them to come and serve you. Please check this site for the February and subsequent opening days.

We wish all past, present and future customer a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Before you leave have a look at the old well below the maple tree on the grassy area and the old cider press. This was rescued by Mr B Boulton from an old building where the village Coop now stands in the local car park.

The cider press has been removed for renovation and when restored will be on view at Canonteign Falls.

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit and look forward to seeing again in the near future.

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