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Rock gardens come in an abundance of variety, and each garden has an array of exciting features and characteristics which reflect the likings and interests of its creator(s). Rock gardens provide a source of everlasting aesthetical pleasure, grandeur and entertainment, and an overall mesmerizing experience.

Rock gardens, also known as African gardens, rockery gardens, or Alpine gardens, are types of gardens featuring an array of stones, used in combination with plants that complement the features of the rocks. The plants chosen are typically small in nature, allowing the rocks to be the main centre of focus of the garden.

The Design of the Rock Gardens

A rock garden can be designed by professionals and amateurs alike, provided that the respective principles for an effective garden design are adhered to, so as to provide a successful end-result. Rock gardens typically vary in size, and even the smallest of gardens can be effective.

The rock is the central element in such gardens, and it creates a perfect visual contrast when tied with the intricate detail of the plants. The best rock gardens are successful as they mimic nature at its most fundamental of states. Water is sometimes used in such settings to provide an additional natural complement to the stone. This can range from streams, waterfalls, or boulders with depressions for the collection of rainwater.

Who Enjoys Them

The popularity of rock gardens increased steadily during Victorian times, the work of which was typically created by professional landscape architects. Such work is nowadays given similar attention and is typically seen in the landscaping of commercial areas or on campus spaces, but may also be found in gardens within private residences.

Rock gardens are very typical of tropical countries as the combination of the humid weather and shady trees creates an ideal arrangement setting for private and commercial spaces with the benefit of relatively easy management.

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Where to Find Them

There exist a variety of rock gardens worldwide, which receive adequate tourists and local attention alike. Some of the more world-renowned rock gardens are the Edmonton campus of the University of Alberta in Canada, the Japanese Rock Garden at Daisen-in in Japan, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh in India, Kew Rock Garden in Kew Gardens, the Hagiwara Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, the Little African Rock Garden in Monaco, and the Rock Garden of Darjeeling in India.